About us

Hi! You got here because you’ve been searching for accommodation in Alter do Chão.

But why Alter do Chão? Because this region stands out by its cultural wealth, its white sand beaches on the banks of Tapajós River and the trekking in the Amazon rainforest.

Those were also some reasons why we decided to live here and, aiming to keep the traveller spirit, create the Don Preguiça Hostel.

We do believe a trip is not only for walks in the woods and beaches. Of course those are very important issues, but in our hostel we aim to provide a differentiated lodging, offering a quiet, warm and cosy space to our visitors.

Furthermore, we think that a key part of a trip is also the exchange of experiences, meeting new people, new ideas and make friends. This was our target when we decided to make available a hosting way different than offered by hotels and inns in Alter do Chão. In our living spaces and shared rooms we offer the possibility of making this by the interaction of our guests. At the same time we also have available private rooms for people seeking a little more privacy.

Come visit us, know our space and experience a different hosting environment in Alter do Chão!

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